Landing fees

Ultralight aircraft

300 CZK or 12 €

Aircraft up to 2 tons

400 CZK or 16 €

Each commenced ton of MTOW

200 CZK or 8 €

Historic aircraft manufactured before year 1950 are exempt from paying landing fees at Prague Letňany Airport. In the case of regular arrivals airport reserves the possibility of charging fees to specific historic aircraft.

Parking fees

Parking in the area of the airport

300 CZK or 12 € / day


Parking in the area of the airport over 4 tons

500 CZK or 20 € / day

First three hours after landing are free.

Charges for hangar space

Ultralight aircraft

450 CZK or 18 € / day

Aircraft up to 2 tons

600 CZK or 24 € / day

Fees for passengers for using the airport


100 CZK or 4 €

Two members of the crew (pilot and co-pilot) are excluded from the fee, third and other memebers of the crew are taken as passengers in this case
(i. e. 3 persons on board = 1 x 4 €).

Customs and passport clearance of crews and passengers for flights to non-Schengen and non-EU countries (it does not involve home operators of Letňany Airport)


250 CZK or 10 €

The price is for the pilot and every passenger (i.e. 3 persons on board = 3 x 10 €).

Service outside opening hours of Letňany Airport

Check-in outside AFIS operating hours

400 CZK or 16 € per hour

Arrival or departure outside of AFIS operating hours has to be announced at least 18 hours in advance. Unless the airport, on the grounds of this announcement, issues a written permission for arrival or departure outside of AFIS operating hours, the arrival or departure will not be permitted!

For a permitted arrival or departure outside of AFIS operating hours the fees during 08:00-09:00 LOC are the same as during AFIS operating hours.

Escort service

To escort person who is not a holder of the ID card

400 CZK or 16 € per 30 minutes

Example: The employee of Letiste Praha Letnany, s.r.o. escorts the crew to landsine from airside or vice versa.

This service may be for free after decision of the airport operator.


Pilots have to pay fees immediately after landing. If a pilot don´t pay the fees which are written
above this text the airport operator takes this fact as a break the airport rules.

Payments can be made in cash or by card: