Letiště Letňany

Since 2nd of Janury 2020 the Letňany unit is provider of providing information to know traffic in the TRA GA Letňany 1N and TRA GA Letňany 1S  with the radio call sign “ LETŇANY RADIO”.

Provided services:

Providing information to known traffic in the TRAs GA Letňany

Air fuel service

PHONE CONTACT: +420 286 581 340

The dispatchers are directly responsible for providing information to the known air traffic at the airport and in the TRAs. They may not issue any flight permits or bans. The dispatchers can issue an order or a ban only if it is necessary to avert a danger that immediately endangers the air safety directly at the airport or in the information zone of LKLT.

The dispatchers communicate in English.


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