Letiště Letňany

Concerts 2024

All attendees of the 2024 Rammstein and Bruce Springsteen concerts are asked to contact the concert promoter, Live Nation, with any questions.

Dear pilots, users, fans, check the NOTAMs and respect the limitations during the following days: 1) WHOLE AIRPORT and RWY CLOSED from 24.12.2023 to 26.12.2023 (incl.) 2) On 31.12.2023, Airport operates until 14:00 local time. 3) WHOLE AIRPORT and RWY CLOSED 01.01.2024 We wish you also Merry Christmas and bright and happy New Year 2024….


On Wednesday 31/08/2022 from 15:00 until Monday 5/9/2022 12:00, Avgas 91 UL will not be available for technical reasons. Avgas 100 LL and Mogas will be available without restrictions. If necessary, the chips on Avgas 91 UL can be reconfigured to refuel Avgas 100 LL.

New airspace TRAGAKBLT1E

New TRAGAKBLT1E airspace will be available from 14 July 2022. This airspace will serve as an alternative to exit point Mike . Pilots arriving and departing from / to LKLT can fly trought the new TRAGA1E airspace direct to/from an uncontrolled Class G space without having to contact Kbely Tower frequency and enter the MCTR…

Concerts in 2022

We ask all participants in the concerts of Rammstein, Guns N´ Roses and Metallica in 2022 to contact the concert organizer, Live Nation company, about all questions. Prague Letňany Airport, s.r.o. is not a concert organizer and it is not possible to park near the airport.

Dear airport users and pilots,with the increase in legislative requirements for the operation of the airport together with the increase in the prices of energy, services and the associated inflation, we are also forced to raise some fees for the use of Prague Letňany Airport from 3.1. 2022. Our aim is to keep at the…