Letiště Letňany

Dear users of Letnany Airport,

previously notified replacement of current identity cards will take place between 1st February and 30th April 2019 inclusive. Your current ID card (permanent authorization) that you hold will cease to be valid on 30th April. The existing VISITOR cards will also cease to be valid. In the text below, you will learn how to proceed correctly when applying for new ID card (permanent authorization).

ID card replacement applies to all airport users.


If you wish to enter airport properties as before, we kindly ask you to arrange registration to obtain new ID card. Registration forms are available solely electronically.

Successful completion of the registration form will be displayed in the upper left corner: Registration saved.

Upon registration approval by the airport employee, the confirmation email will be received.

If you fail to fill in the form successfully, please contact us via e-mail skoleni@letnany-airport.sh12w3.esports.cz. Only passport format photos accepted, other formats will not be taken into account. Eyeglasses on the photo are only acceptable in following case: eyeglasses must be noted in driving license. Caps, scarves or other headgear is not accepted as well as multicolored backgrounds or photos taken as self-portraits (selfies). Employees of Letnany Airport do not make any passport photos on request. Photos can be cropped and resized when uploading to the registration form. If you need help with recording or scanning passport format photo through Letnany Airport employee, this will be charged by 50, – CZK including VAT.

 If you hesitate which range of airport security zone to select, select option A + B + C.

The reason for airport entry should be as short as possible (for instance: INSTRUCTOR or PILOT, EMPLOYEE, etc.).

By filling in the form and sending it, it is considered as binding order.

The link for electronic registration form HERE.


Once the registration form is filled in and confirmed by Letnany Airport employee you will receive an email with additional instructions (how to apply for test, how to arrange date of test assessment).  Study materials are to be collected HERE, training workshop is not taking place at Letnany airport, and any applicant has to go through and study the materials itself. The final test contains 20 questions and at least 16 questions have to be answered correctly in other to pass. The test is evaluated immediately after completion. Test assessment does not take any longer than 10-15 minutes, with 20 minutes being the upper limit. If you fail to pass, you have one more attempt free of charge. If you fail to pass again, another test assessment has to be booked.


New identification card will be issued only under the following conditions: submission and return of the original ID Card and successful completion of the test at Letnany Airport Terminal 1. You must return the original card at Terminal 1 reception before the test starts. New ID card will be printed out straight after the test. If you fail to pass the test, we will return you the original ID card which expires on 30th April inclusive. Original ID card must be returned to the Terminal 1 no later than 30th April unless successful retesting has been made.


Once the registration form is confirmed by Letnany Airport employee you will be prompted by email to register available test assessment. The email will be accompanied with a calendar link with available assessment dates. Beyond these dates, it is not possible to take any test. If the test validity expires after two years, re-use this calendar link again. For available test assessment dates click HERE.


Application for new GUEST cards (formerly VISITOR cards) may only be issued by appropriate company representative. Such a person is considered as managing director or person authorized to act on the basis of a written power of attorney (official verification not required). This application needs to be emailed to skoleni@letnany-airport.sh12w3.esports.cz with requested number of cards to be printed. The GUEST card is only for persons accompanied by holder of valid ID card (permanent authorization). It is strictly prohibited to use GUEST card for airport entry and move within airport security areas under no supervision of ID card (permanent authorization) holder. Otherwise, it is a violation of the LKLT Safety program and Airport Regulation. Former VISTOR cards must be returned to the airport reception and will be replaced free of charge for GUEST cards. Price for new GUEST card is 200, – CZK each.


Airport user who had made contractual relationship with Letnany Airport is responsible for persons to whom ID card has been issued under the name of their company. In case airport user is aircraft owner or does not act under the name of any company, contract can be made between airport and such a person directly. If so, ID card holder is fully responsible for himself. An applicant requesting new ID Card to be issued under the name of any company (pilot, employee, aircraft hirer, instructor, etc.) must provide such an application with the consent of company representative to prove responsibility taken for such a person. This consent or confirmation can be sent by company representative by e-mail to skoleni@letnany-airport.sh12w3.esports.cz


If you fail to present your original ID card, you will be extra charged 500,- CZK for issuance of new ID card.


Had you already had a new ID card that you have lost? You do not have to apply for new test assessment, but it is important to inform us about this fact as quickly as possible. Ask for a duplicate of your ID card via e-mail skoleni@letnany-airport.sh12w3.esports.cz. A fee of 500, – CZK will be charged for ID card loss and issuing its duplicate.


If you are no any longer an active user and do not plan activities at LKLT airport, you are obliged to return your ID card immediately. This obligation arises from the Ministry of Transport’s Security Program. If you do not return your existing ID Card by the 30th April, we are obliged to notify the CAA of this fact as a violation of the Security Program rules. Such breach is then sanctioned by the CAA in an appropriate amount according to the Aviation Act No. 49/1997 Coll.


Card production and passing the test and other accessories are subject of following pricelist:


200 Kč or 8 € / pc


550 Kč or 22 €


20 Kč or 0,8 € / pc


75 Kč or 3 € / pc


20 Kč or 0,8 € / pc


50 Kč or 2 €


500 Kč or 20 €

All listed prices include 21 % VAT

ID cards issued from 1st June 2018 until 31st December 2018 inclusive will be swapped free of charge. New ID card will be issued as long as original ID card is returned at the reception. However, these holders must also pass security test assessment. Without security assessment test new ID card cannot be issued.


New ID card validity is 4 years. Before this time, you will be notified automatically 30 days in advance of the upcoming end of the ID card validity. The card shall be valid from date of its issue. ID card issue date is same as date of successful test assessment.

Test itself is valid for 2 years from date of successful completion at Letnany Airport Terminal 1. You will be notified automatically 30 days before expiry of the test.


For further information, please contact us via e-mail skoleni@letnany-airport.sh12w3.esports.cz or by calling +420 702 185 744 during operating hours.