Letiště Letňany

Student music festival Majáles will take place for the second time at the airport in Letňany and in the adjacent area PVA EXPO. On the first day of May visitors will hear singers Tomáš Klus, Michal Hrůza, Xindl X and bands Chinaski, Mandrage, Inekafe, No Name, Wohnout, Vypsaná Fixa, Skyline, UDG, Sto zvířat, Rybičky 48, Polemic, PSH and many others.

Because the event takes place at the airport, visitors can look forward to aircraft program as well. Gliders pulled into the air will compete in accuracy landing. Similar performance will show paratroopers but they will aim to much smaller target on the ground than pilots in gliders. If the planned program does not change the weather, air show will begin at 13 o’clock.