Letiště Letňany

German magazine Flieger published a special issue with 100 tips on the best places to fly. And Prague Letňany Airport is one of them.

“Our airport has the second highest number of aircraft movements in the Czech Republic after Vaclav Havel Airport in Ruzyně. And this number is constantly growing. The fact that we appeared in the TOP 100 of Flieger Revue at the 65th place is just another confirmation of the good reputation of Prague Letňany Airport,” said Petr Kříž, director of the airport. “I believe that in the coming years we move in the rankings even higher,” added Kříž.

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Flieger magazin Spezial about Prague Letňany Airport:
Overfly the “golden city” on the Vltava river is taboo for pilots. In addition, if you land on Prague Letňany Airport, which lies just eight kilometers northeast of the city, you have a beautiful view of the city upon arrival. Just a few minutes walking distance from LKLT is a military airport Kbely with a remarkable air museum. Previously, the airport was famous for its bumpy surface, but is now RWY 05L / 23R is renovated and flat. It takes 25 minutes to go to the center from the nearby metro and bus station (editor’s note: route into the city center actually takes 15 minutes). Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square and Prague Castle are places that you definitely should not miss.

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