Letiště Letňany

Due to change of spacing the Letňany Airport is going to use new frequency channel 120,335 since 30.3.2017 00:00 UTC. Since the Kbely airport, within its CTR is Letňany airport located, is using new frequency with updated spacing since last year, all pilots and operators were already obliged to install 8,33 spacing capable radios.

With the new channel procedures stays the same, as it was already necessary to be able to tune channel with 8,33 kHz spacing. Tuning of new frequency channels with radios capable only of 25 kHz spacing is not possible, thus all the pilots planning their flight to/ from Letňany Airport or through the MCTR Kbely are required to own radios with the new channel spacing capability. We advice all the pilots to change their frequencies in already used kneeboards and memorize it as well to the new one.